Brooks’ largest ministry is to church women’s groups, where she speaks at outreaches, fundraisers, women’s events, and full-blown retreats. Her talks tend to run for 45 minutes and can include a question and answer session at the organizer’s request. Content, length, and messages are tailored for the audience addressed. Typical keynote addresses are 45-60 minutes, and workshops are approximately 1-3 hours, depending on need.

  • No More Band-Aids: Stop the Cover Up ™
  • Domestic Violence: Saving Our Sisters™
  • Deliverance: Set Your Mind, Body & Soul Free™
  • From Pain to Purpose: Living A Life of Deliverance™
  • Faith Rising: How to Walk by Faith, Not By Sight™
  • Beautiful Me: Loving Your Beauty & Your Flaws™
  • Finance Yourself: Financial Freedom & Wealth Building Workshops™
  • reBuilding on God’s Promises
  • Homeless, Not Voiceless

™All topics are trademarked by Brooks J. Young since 2012