Brooks J. Young finds herself in a situation more difficult than she would have ever imagined: homeless and living in a shelter. Haunted by her dreams, feeling herself losing control over her life and fearing her grip on sanity might be slipping away as well, she wages war against herself on a battlefield unlike any she had ever stood on before. She struggles to come to terms with herself through a tug of war with her emotions, her goals, her memories, and her heart! Will she grab hold of her destiny or will she let life as she knows it slips away? Where God Took My Soul chronicles a journey, that begins with the unearthing of private shame, releasing childhood “secrets”, letting go of guilt, and becoming the mouthpiece of millions of her generation. She realizes that through forgiveness of others and most importantly, herself, would prove to be her path to restore and rebuild her life by putting her life in the Master’s hand.