Write the Vision: Start Now!

At 3 am I could not sleep. My goals were on my mind. So, I started praying. After prayer, I started to grind. By noon, one of my goals were accomplished.

From the moment I know WHO I am my thought process changed. My goals were outrageous and impossible (to some) but when you have a vision, purpose, and faith you are UNSTOPPABLE. I’ve always known I was “different”. What I’ve always known is that I am cut from a different cloth. I am willing to grind a lot harder, pray a lot harder and sleep a lot less.

When I am silent know that I am at my best even when others think they know what I am doing. They don’t. I do not share my heart with everyone. I LOVE being by myself. The #1 person in my life is the Captain of my team. What He says to do is all that I am concerned with. My relationship with the Captain of my ship is personal.

All is not on my vision board. You cannot share everything. I want people to know their worth. I want people to share their scars. I do not want anyone to feel hopeless or insecure. All things are possible with God.

Tip #1

If your goals scare the hell out of you – write it down! There’s a $1 Million Dollar check on my board written from my checking account. My goal is to have the fund available on December 31, 2017. This may scare someone. Not me! There’s a plan in motion. I may not reach it but I am going to do my all to make it happen. But what if I do?!?

Tip #2

Have a WRITTEN plan. I have enough journals to open a store. I have every journal since I was 5 years old. Writing your thoughts and ideas down help you to identify what is the most important to the least. Each goal needs baby steps with DUE DATES!

Tip #3

Start NOW! You do not have to wait until the “perfect time”. You do not have to enough money. All you need to do is start where you are at. Pray for what you need and watch God provide.

Tip #4

Transform your mind. Positive ideas cannot have negative thoughts. You cannot pray and worry. You cannot love and hate. You will have to believe in yourself without expecting others to do the same. YOU have to work hard daily. If you have a day job make your purpose your night job!

Tip #5

Last but not least, you have to pray! You will experience more trials when you are going after God. You have to see God FIRST! I know there are plenty of people in the world who have not done so BUT…do they have peace? Do they have joy? Do they have a genuine love for life? I do not want to be like everyone else. I want to please God and by doing so my vision will become a reality.

Supplies you will need:

1. Vision (goals, hopes, aspirations, etc)
2. Board (My frame is from Michael’s for $4 (24×36)
3. Photos from magazines, Google, or type text and print.
4. Scissors
5. glue sticks, tape, washi tape (your choice)
6. Pray and repeat

2 Replies to “Write the Vision: Start Now!

  1. Vision boards combined with purposeful journaling can be so powerful! I made a new one with the new year, but I need to sit down and chart my progress. I’ve been aiming for those smaller wins along the way, cognizant of them, but not necessarily tracking non-monetary progress.

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