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Never in a million years did I think that I would become homeless. Well, no one actually believes they will become homeless.  It not a choice I can assure you. It has been nearly seven years since I have lived in my own home. I have drifted from one family member’s home to the next. When my time was up there I would end up at a shelter or on the streets. On December 26, 2013, I had received a call that I had been praying would end my “overdue” journey as one of the millions of homeless individuals who faced this issue daily. Through the entire year, I had declared and decreed that before January 1, 2014, God will keep His promise to me. As the day came close, folks were talking and it was not words of encouragement. It never mattered to me. I would not be shaken by other’s doubt. It was not time to waver on the promises of God. I had lessons that I needed to learn, relationships I had to end emotionally and I had to complete my memoir. I had to become humbled because it was clear that my seven year test was not about me. God showed me that with Him I can do all things and without Him I can do nothing. That was a lesson I did not learn until my days of homelessness began.

I’ve shared my homeless story previously so I will not go into details about how I became homeless. I will say that even though it has been one of the hardest trials that I have faced, I am certain that God has carried me through it all.

When I had to sign my lease it took everything in me not to break down and cry in front of the property manager. She knew the story and was genuinely happy for me. My home is BEAUTIFUL!  It was not until I had my keys in hand and entered my home that emotions that I had kept at bay settled and the waterworks poured. It took a full hour to realize that I had a home. I would not endure anymore shelters, closed doors and hurt from those who were supposed to love me unconditionally. Everything came full circle and I was a happy, blessed and a grateful woman.

Isn’t God good?

Now, what’s next?


My ultimate goal in life is to continue to serve God. My obedience is to Him outweighs any sacrifice I may have to make. He’s my everything! I may have lost material things but I have gained peace, REAL love, joy and purpose. Although I was homeless, I did not stop my work at Touching Heartf or helping others restore, rebuild and renew their lives. Quitting the ministry God had given me was NEVER an option. I was a homeless woman helping the homeless. My work will continue going forth. I have goals to reach and people to help.

Good Stewardship

I will continue to be a good steward over the monies that God has given me. Whether through working a full-time job or one of my many side hustles. I will not occur anymore debt by living above my means to keep up with the Jones’.  I’ve been on both sides of the fence: rich and poor. I know how it feels to own every designer known to man and not feeling whole and content. Ironically, living on the streets, I was able to keep a smile on my face and praise on my lips. Having money was not the issue – it was my need to people-please. If you have to buy love from someone I’ll tell you right now that all the money in world will not make folks love you. It’s a choice! If you have to give them money, jewelry, cars and homes to make them stay with you then its best that you let them go. I am aware of those who have been in my corner through it all. I am also aware that everyone who walked away from me gave me the best gift: good-bye. I had to be who God called me to be. He saw more in Brooks than I saw in me. I wanted folks who served no purpose in my life only to see me, love me and treasure the AWESOME person that I am. Their loss. Lesson learned.

Becoming Debt Free

Now that I am living in my own home, I will be taking major steps to pay off debt that I’ve accumulated prior to becoming homeless. I had no bills while homeless. Duh? LOL But, I do have debt that needs to be paid. I have a plan that I will share soon.

Couponing has been my main source of furnishing my new home and helping others. Over the last three months. couponing has been a way of survival.  Yes, coupons can help with overcoming homelessness, in my case. In my opinion, everyone can do it. I will share more on how I was able to accumulate such a massive stockpile in a such a short time. When there’s a will there is a way!

bjystockpileAll is not pictured due to the fact that I have given double the amount shown to the community.

Walking in my Purpose

God did not carry me all these years for nothing. I have a few more books that I will complete this year. I am planning conference and workshop and…more! LOL The only regret that I have is not sharing my journey along the way. Once I shared that I was homeless I began to receive emails, tweets, IM and Facebook posts because folks were shock. I’ve heard how my story has helped others. Out tests are not meant to destroy us but build us to where God needs us to be.

I did not know how “po’ folks” lived. Sure, I knew people who did not grow up in the lifestyle I was accustomed to but that never mattered to me. It still doesn’t! We all have to endure God’s season of testing. I am blessed that He brought me out VICTORIOUSLY!

“…the race is not given to the swift nor to the strong
but to the one that endureth to the end.”

-Ecclesiastes 9:11


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Brooks J. Young is the founder and executive director of Touching Heart. She is also the author of Where God Took My Soul, a memoir about healing and hope, domestic violence, and homelessness. Brooks became homeless in August 2011, living in shelters, on the streets, and between the homes of friends and relatives. While homeless, she continued her advocacy domestic violence awareness and the rights of those who were homeless. Since 2005, she has been traveling across America giving inspirational and motivational speeches at churches, conferences, colleges, beauty salons, women’s retreats, high schools and community events – any venue where can raise her voice to educate society on the prevalence of domestic violence and homelessness.

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