It’s been nearly two years since I made my exit from the world wide web. Thanks to my amazing staff and volunteers who are able to do all things technical for me as I am praying for my eyesight to be restored.

On December 10, 2016, eight days after my 36th birthday, I awoke without sight. I had been diagnosed in 2014 with Keratoconus. For a little over a year, I was wearing hybrid contacts to correct my sight and allow me to drive, read, you know all the things that make us a functional human.

The doctors tell me that my sight will eventually appear. They have no diagnosis outside of the Keratoconus. At this point, I am walking by faith, not by sight. It has been frustrating but if you know me then you know that I do not allow ANYTHING  or ANYONE to stand in the way of my destiny.  I am no longer able to drive so I have no drivers license and without assistance a number of things require help but that’s minor. 

I have a mobility specialist who visits my home weekly to help me function in my home and community to continue being the advocate,  author, and speaker that I have been for the last 15 years. It’s an adjustment but I know this is all a test so that God will receive the glory out of this. 

I have met a number of people who ask me how am I able to smile after all that I had been through and going through, My answer is simple: No test, no testimony! 

Back in 2007, after the passing of my Dad, I had felt as if I could not connect with the women who enter my organization‘s doors. I had no knowledge of the conditions and experience of what a homeless woman experience, a woman with children desperately praying, stressing and hoping to keep a roof over their child’s head have to overcome. Sitting in my office after writing a $500 personal check to a woman who needed her electricity and water bill paid I felt as if I had no words of comfort to give them because I had no experience as a person in need. 

I do not personally feel that a person has to go through homelessness, blindness or financial loss to have compassion for another’s trials but I know it was the best experience that God could have taken me through.

It’s been an amazing journey. I know that may sound crazy but its the truth. It has not been easy but the knowledge, lessons, and empathy that I have gained have been the best for me. 

I have to walk in my purpose. I am always telling people that I meet while I am out in the community that I may have lost my sight but I did not lose my vision. That will make sense to some and others will have to catch it later on.

God is still good! He has not failed me in all of my 37 years when I was a hot mess and now while I seek His face more than ever.  He will get the glory! I will overcome and this too shall pass.

Brooks J. Young

At 3 am I could not sleep. My goals were on my mind. So, I started praying. After prayer, I started to grind. By noon, one of my goals were accomplished.

From the moment I know WHO I am my thought process changed. My goals were outrageous and impossible (to some) but when you have a vision, purpose, and faith you are UNSTOPPABLE. I’ve always known I was “different”. What I’ve always known is that I am cut from a different cloth. I am willing to grind a lot harder, pray a lot harder and sleep a lot less.

When I am silent know that I am at my best even when others think they know what I am doing. They don’t. I do not share my heart with everyone. I LOVE being by myself. The #1 person in my life is the Captain of my team. What He says to do is all that I am concerned with. My relationship with the Captain of my ship is personal.

All is not on my vision board. You cannot share everything. I want people to know their worth. I want people to share their scars. I do not want anyone to feel hopeless or insecure. All things are possible with God.

Tip #1

If your goals scare the hell out of you – write it down! There’s a $1 Million Dollar check on my board written from my checking account. My goal is to have the fund available on December 31, 2017. This may scare someone. Not me! There’s a plan in motion. I may not reach it but I am going to do my all to make it happen. But what if I do?!?

Tip #2

Have a WRITTEN plan. I have enough journals to open a store. I have every journal since I was 5 years old. Writing your thoughts and ideas down help you to identify what is the most important to the least. Each goal needs baby steps with DUE DATES!

Tip #3

Start NOW! You do not have to wait until the “perfect time”. You do not have to enough money. All you need to do is start where you are at. Pray for what you need and watch God provide.

Tip #4

Transform your mind. Positive ideas cannot have negative thoughts. You cannot pray and worry. You cannot love and hate. You will have to believe in yourself without expecting others to do the same. YOU have to work hard daily. If you have a day job make your purpose your night job!

Tip #5

Last but not least, you have to pray! You will experience more trials when you are going after God. You have to see God FIRST! I know there are plenty of people in the world who have not done so BUT…do they have peace? Do they have joy? Do they have a genuine love for life? I do not want to be like everyone else. I want to please God and by doing so my vision will become a reality.

Supplies you will need:

1. Vision (goals, hopes, aspirations, etc)
2. Board (My frame is from Michael’s for $4 (24×36)
3. Photos from magazines, Google, or type text and print.
4. Scissors
5. glue sticks, tape, washi tape (your choice)
6. Pray and repeat

Brooks J. Young

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick post to let you know that I’m guest posting over at one of my favorite blogs, Shoeaholic No More today. I am excited that Kayla has agreed to feature my story.

Thank you for having me Kayla!


Happy Monday!

It’s great to be back posting on my blog. I have neglected my platform for far too long. On August 4th, my homeless journey came to an end. I was able to move into my beautiful new home (apartment) that included everything that I prayed and spoke into existence. I cannot express how great it felt to turn the key to my home again.

My home was an unexpected surprise and I hope I can share how I was able to obtain it…

Two weeks earlier after leaving work I had decided that it was the perfect day to find my new home. It was just a feeling. I had not looked at any apartments before but I felt that I was in a better place with my finances. I had finally healed from my surgery so I would not run the risk returning to the streets because do to lost wages.

I had driven to two other apartment complex and they both were closed. I sat in my mother’s car when I heard God whisper my potential apartment complex’s name.

Divine intervention.

This time around instead of driving over there I decided to give them a call. No answer. I had already been up since 4am so I wanted to go to my grandmother’s home where I had stayed to take a nap but decided to just go over to the complex to see if they were tied up with other potential renters.

I was super tired but you could say I was lazy and decided it was best to give them another call as I sat in what I thought were their parking lot.

The Rental Manager answered and told me that she had ONE available apartment for what I was looking for. She also instructed me that I was in the wrong parking lot and how to come over and complete an application.

She was the sweetest person. After discussing the amenities she said something that made my heart slowly beat…

You know an hour before you called the woman who I had held this apartment for over two months called to say that she’s no longer interested. She had no idea why. I did not take a deposit from her and had called everyone who left their name and number to see if they were interested. I had no luck. I hope you qualify!

Divine intervention.

The wet drops were trying to escape but I did not want her to think I was a nut job so I sat and listened.

Two months ago, I would not have qualified for the apartment. I did not have enough income. It was also the time that I left a job that I had worked for two years to begin work at a hospital. The hours and pay were better.

Divine Intervention.

After making a photo copy of my driver license and escorting me to the apartment I just knew this was it. I could feel it. When she opened the door I had removed my shoes. It was home.

All that I had asked in prayer for my new home is EXACTLY what I had received. From the white cabinets, hard wood floors, tub, stove…EVERYTHING was in its place.

We returned to the office and began the paperwork. She told me the non-refundable application fee would be $40. I had $17.59 in my checking account. The money I had saved was placed in an account where I could not quick access to it. But I had agreed to return within the hour to complete the paperwork.

As I am leaving she asks me again where I work. I told her and she says, “You qualify for a discount on your application fee and security deposit. You will only have to pay $15 for the application fee.”

Divine intervention.

I was so overwhelmed that I nodded and left before I had a cry fest in front of her.

That day I had been approved and scheduled to move in the next two weeks.

If I had not listened to God I would have missed my divine appointment to overcome a trial that I had been in for far too long. If we allow God to order our steps life is much easier.

I am enjoying decorating my new home with all the items that I have purchased through my couponing deals.


Brooks J. Young

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